The Soul Connection of Long Island is comprised of spiritual channelers, healers and creative individuals. Each of our team is accredited and time tested in our field of expertise, with most of us developing these higher connections over the course of our lifetime.

Whether connecting to a loved one in spirit, performing healing with Reiki, or creating beautiful gemstones and crystal jewelry, these are all done with a loving connection to divine energy and with the intention to bring helpful messages and healing in all areas of life.

With the support and assistance of our spirit guides, angels, archangels and master teachers, we reach out to offer support and gentle guidance in times of strife, and for those times when you may want reassurance your loved ones are nearby and watching over you.

We believe that all of us have the ability to connect to our spiritual families and higher self. However, it is sometimes a good idea to hear those messages from another, unbiased person. Our readers are available to provide this service of love and light for you.

Everyone is welcome to join us at our next event.

Click here to schedule an appointment for a reading. See you there!

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